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Daily Hiit Combo!


I am a big fan of the workouts put out by the DailyHiit! The DailyHiit are an online community of trainers who upload FREE videos that provide high intensity interval training for all who dare! They describe it best on their website:

“TheDailyHiit high-intensity interval training method is a mix between cross fit training and anaerobic exercise that is adaptable to any fitness level, providing you with unique, inspirational workouts to keep you in line with your training.”

The combination of these two – I simply cannot rave enough about! If you (like me) are a fan of getting your sweat on – give these a try! The first one is a cardio full body engager!

Going through the routine 4 times was a workout all on its own – but I guess I had some stress to work out so I went for round 2 (or rather round 5) of this second workout- which was more a fat burning total body toner!

After 3 rounds of this workout my arms and legs started to weep. Even though I went from a bright eyed, light grey t-shirt wearer to an eye popping, sweat drenched dark grey t-shirt wearing zombie, it sure felt great!


“At TheDailyHiit we are still training for a life well lived – we are just hiiting it harder than ever”

This is about how I felt when I was done ….


We all need an outlet right? What’s yours?

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Sunday 14th of July 2013

I love Daily HIIT! Short and intense workouts are definitely the way to go!

Shashi Charles

Monday 15th of July 2013

Yes - specially when days are so bussy! Thanks for stopping by :)