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Enjoying Memories made easier with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web!

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Enjoying Every Memory with te Alcatel Evolve-2 & Walmart Family Mobile Service  #MobileMemories

Today, let’s go back to when you were teens and your parents would start a conversation with “When I was your age…“; what did your teen-self do? My teen-self would often tune out! Yet, nowadays, I catch myself using this very same phrase on my 16 year old daughter. “When I was your age…I did not have unlimited talk text and data/web” – heck, I didn’t even have a cell phone! “When I was your age…I cleaned the house without bartering a payment”! “When I was your age…I was always in such a hurry to move on to the next thing”!

Memories Captured on the Alcatel Evolve 2 WFM Service

You see, quite often, these “when I was your age…” conversations with my daughter turn into a jaunt down memory lane and a candid look at my 16 year old self’s shortcomings. When I was 16, I couldn’t wait for track season to finish; then, I couldn’t wait for it to begin again. When I was 16, I couldn’t wait to be done with high school even if it meant moving an ocean away from my family to attend college.

However, as the crinkles around my eyes have become deeper, I have come to appreciate the importance of slowing down and focusing more on the loved ones I have and the new people I meet on my journey – than put on blinders and focus only on my destination.

Alcatel Evolve-2 WFM Service #MobileMemories

I have been fortunate to have a daughter wiser beyond her years (it’s like she was born with permanent crinkles around her eyes). But, in December last year, when she got her license and started driving, I started to notice her change – she didn’t talk to me as much, she was confident – almost cocky, and started to say things like “ooh I cannot wait to be done with high school”…the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, eh? Some of my friends told me she is just becoming more independent, she is trying to figure herself out more and needs space…but, I wasn’t buying it! Then the accident happened, and it shook her up! Not physically – but mentally. Even though it was a costly lesson – it was a lesson learned indeed, before she went too far off course.

Maps & Apps on the Alcatel Evolve-2 WFM Service

She reverted back to her old self. The self that is chatty and loves a good debate. The self that takes pictures and videos of her goofy friends in class – and makes plans to meet for a last hurrah on Memorial Day Weekend before they all move up a grade level. The self that realizes the importance of family – even those that are not here with us, like her Grandpa. The self that likes to remember those foods that are hard to share as they are “like a parade” in her mouth.

And, now, she can use her new Alcatel Evolve 2 cell phone to help her capture and enjoy these memories – something she couldn’t have done with her old dumb phone.

Memoriesof Grandpa on the Alcatel Evolve 2 WFM Service
Food & Friends Alcatel Evolve-2 WFM Service-#MobileMemories

For the longest time, I had the both of us on a limited talk/unlimited text plan. But earlier this year, when I was at my neighborhood Walmart, curiosity got the better of me when I saw all their signs advertising their Family Mobile Service Plans in the Entertainment section (where the TV’s and Games and other electronics are). And when I saw that their plans start at $29.88/month (for the first line) for Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service (which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data), I realized that I was paying more for the limited talk/unlimited text plans that came with our dumb phones. I switched my phone and plan to the Walmart Family Mobile Service Plan earlier on; but, this past week I got my daughter her own Smart Phone with data plan that allows her to share pictures and videos, look up maps before she leaves home, and, snapchat away with her friends.


Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

If I were to ask you to take a trip down memory lane to when you were 16 – what would be one memory you would like to share?
Was this memory captured on film – or a phone?
Do you wish you had Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web back then?

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Monday 25th of May 2015

Hey girl! Popping over from Pollinate - so nice to see you featured! Thanks for the Christmas ornament!

Chris Scheuer

Thursday 21st of May 2015

Your daughter sounds like a gem Shashi, you are truly blessed!

helene dsouza

Thursday 21st of May 2015

I am glad about the internet but I don't see the use of phones, it's just not my thing. When we were 16 we only wanted to go out on weekend, that was our main concern in life. Glad to hear your daughter was fine after the accident. I had a few bike accidents in the past and they always taught me a lots about myself.


Wednesday 20th of May 2015

I'm always guilty of saying to my kids, 'When I was your age'. No matter how many times I tell them, they cannot comprehend we didn't have emails, the internet, our own personal phones, texting, air bags, DVDs and we couldn't, horror of horrors, download music. They look back at me and think I'm a dinosaur xx


Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Haha - and I don't think you and I are even that old, Charlie!!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

Wednesday 20th of May 2015

It's great that she was more confident! Although I know what you mean about not losing her old self though-somewhere in between would be good no?


Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Somewhere in between would be GREAT indeed, Lorraine!