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Salty & Sweet Banana “Ice Cream” & Mango Parfaits

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Salty & Sweet Banana "Ice Cream" & Mango Parfaits Recipe at

After 16 days filled with stories of triumph and heartbreak, of joy and anguish, the Summer Games have come to an end. And my question to you, my dear friend is: what was your favorite story from those 16 days?

Was it the story about how the Fiji rugby team broke into song after having defeated Great Britain to win their countries first ever Gold medal? Or, was it the story about the two female runners who collided into each other during the 5000-meter race and stopped to help each other out and encourage each other to finish, while forgoing any chance to win the race?

Ritz Crackers

Since you are dying to know 😉 , my favorite story from the Summer Games was the one about Massimo Bottura. Nope, he didn’t break any records or win any medals. He actually wasn’t even an athlete during the games. What he was was a chef who took the colossal ton of food that otherwise would have been wasted during the Summer Games, and (with the aid of a group of fellow chefs) turned it into gourmet meals for a few homeless folks.

Salty & Sweet Banana "Ice Cream" & Mango Parfaits Recipe at
Salty & Sweet Banana "Ice Cream" & Mango Parfaits Recipe at

Being someone who really doesn’t like to waste, I cannot help but admire how Massimo Bottura took something old and made it new again. And, in that same light, today, I’m taking RITZ Crackers which are an old favorite in our house, and enjoying them in a new way in these Salty & Sweet Banana “Ice Cream” & Mango Parfaits.

Salty & Sweet Banana "Ice Cream" & Mango Parfaits Recipe at

My daughter is either packing RITZ Crackers to take to school or snacking on them when she gets home. Some of her favorite after-school snacks involving RITZ Crackers are so easy and versatile and fun. Sometimes, she makes herself a RITZ cracker and cucumber sandwich, sometimes she enjoys RITZ with a side of tuna and avocado, sometimes she ends up finding and finishing all the Peanut Butter & Chocolate NoBake “Cheese”cake Cups I have hidden in the fridge, and then, sometimes I surprise her with an easy Banana “Ice Cream” & Mango Parfait layered on top of a stack of RITZ Crackers!

Ritz Crackers

When I was at my neighborhood Kroger Store, I picked up A Nabisco Multipack of Oreos, Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butters and a pack of RITZ Crackers Fresh Stacks. When I got home, I simply layered the RITZ Crackers in parfait cups, topped them with cinnamon and cardamom-spiked banana “ice cream” or banana nice cream, topped that further with some blended mango, placed the parfait cups in the freezer and when my daughter got home, she had a cool and refreshing, Salty & Sweet concoction to enjoy.

Salty & Sweet Banana "Ice Cream" & Mango Parfaits Recipe at

Salty & Sweet Banana “Ice Cream” & Mango Parfaits

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

These Salty and Sweet Parfaits are a true delight! With a RITZ Cracker base, cinnamon & cardamom banana "ice cream" and mango, these are sure to be a favorite after-school/after-work snack!


  • 6 RITZ Crackers
  • Cardamom-Cinnamon Banana "Ice Cream"
  • 1 mango blended into a puree
  • dried pineapple or dried mango for topping

Cardamom-Cinnamon Banana "Ice Cream"

  • 2 frozen, sliced bananas
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon cardamom
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup


Cardamom-Cinnamon Banana "Ice Cream"

  1. Place bananas and blend in a food processor - you will have to pulse and scrape down the sides a few times, but eventually, frozen bananas will turn creamy - at this point add cinnamon, cardamom and maple syrup
  2. Place 3 RITZ Crackers at the bottom of 2 parfait cups
  3. Spoon on some Cardamom-Cinnamon Banana "Ice Cream" on top of crackers
  4. Then add mango puree
  5. Place parfaits in the freezer for an hour or so
  6. When ready to eat, top with dried pineapple and fresh cubed mango and enjoy!

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Tuesday 30th of August 2016

It's been more years than I care to remember since I've had a Ritz cracker. They are delicious and I remember eating them, just crackers nothing on them and loving every bite. Your parfait is wonderful and a delicious combination of fruits and adding the crackers is a great idea.

Puja Darshan

Monday 29th of August 2016

I love Mango,!!! In-fact I should say who doesn't love mangoes. This recipe looks awesome Shashi and I am sure it is going to be tasty as well. Thanks for sharing.

allie @ Through Her Looking Glass

Friday 26th of August 2016

Friend - I did not know that story about Massimo Bottura - but what a wonderful legacy!!! Though I was saddened about the story of Ryan Lochte and the other swimmers, it was a great example to our youth who were all watching - that you can have all the athletic discipline in the world, but if you don't have the character underneath it all ... you really have nothing. My son who is quite an athlete in his own right, watched the Olympics and expressed disappointment early on that he had never pursued one sport exclusively w/ an eye towards the Olympics. But by the end of the Olympics, I really think Ryan and the other swimmers demonstrated clearly, though sadly in a negative way, that real character is the true gold medal. I think all my boys got the message loud and clear. I love how you stacked these Ritz crackers, what a treat with the mango. You are so clever. We will have to try this at our house. Coming through Knoxville now - still in the south, wending our way north and thinking of you! xo

lindsay Cotter

Thursday 25th of August 2016

guess what? Ritz has GF crackers! and i have mango! I'm so making. Sweet and salty and YUM! you are so genius. You know this, right?


Thursday 25th of August 2016

What a great idea to use banana "ice cream" for the parfaits!