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Thinking Out Loud-Link Up #5


Today I am linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons for some out loud random ramblings ~ Thank you Amanda for hosting this rambling partay as:


I try my best to answer comments – but I am behind on Monday’s – for all of yall that sent prayers over for my dad and family – thank you, thank you so very much. All you blends are pretty darn amazing – and don’t let anyone tell yall otherwise! Doc’s say my dad has a rather bad heart situation – and don’t want to discharge him till he is stable and comfortable. Surgery is not an option at this point – so we are putting it all in God’s hands.

Working out helps me deal with life’s “curve-balls” in a major way. This week I tackled one of my all time favorite P90X workouts that I hadn’t done in a couple of months:
I used 5lb ankle and 3 lb wrist weights which amped up the “oomph” factor on kicks and punches and made me sore for 2 whole days-Oh Yeah!


This week has been all sorts of wacky – instead of my oats I have been having Kabocha for breakfast…
kabocha chocolate and peanut butter
…with melted chocolate and peanut butter of course!


Have you ever had a quirk and not realized it till you noticed someone else doing it? Last night my daughter and I were munching on our stacks of peanuts, when I noticed she was eating the halves first and then the wholes – of course, me being as subtle as I am, I had to point it out when she looked at my quickly vanishing stack of peanuts and said “Gosh, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”…


Speaking of my daughter, this week, she asked me a question which her friends and her had been debating; she asked me if I saw a book that contained the story of my entire life, would I read it or walk away…I thought about it and even though I really like to NOT be blindsided, I really don’t want to know my future – I would rather take each day as it comes…What would you do?


Seeing we are all food lovers here, I figure I would leave yall with this quick clip from one of my favorite comedians


~Do you have any share-able quirks?

~Would you read a book that contained the story of your life or would you walk away?

~Aaaannnd…”have you eaten” ?

Mwah – hope yall all have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday 20th of March 2014

I am sure I have some quirks but I probably just don't realize it lol. I wouldn't read the book either! I love living in the moment and going with the flow! How boring would it be to already know what your life will be like! I loved that video! It reminds me of my grandma, she thinks im too skinny and is always saying you better eat! And my response "Grandma I eat like every two hours haha I don't think I can eat more than that!"

Dani @FoodRecipesHQ (@FoodRecipesHQ)

Tuesday 11th of February 2014

Oh I did not know about your father! My dear, I really wish him a quick recover. And I hug you. A big virtual hug. You are such a strong woman, I believe. An inspiration to me.


Thursday 13th of February 2014

Awww-thanks so much Dani - your hug -virtual or not- worked its magic! <3


Monday 10th of February 2014

Sending your dad healing vibes and a speedy recovery. I’m so sorry about your dad’s. I am also experiencing the same issue at the moment, but a different situation. It’s when someone chooses to die naturally from a deadly illness, which really affected me.


Thursday 13th of February 2014

I am sorry to hear about your loved one - sometimes though, medicine and treatments carry with them their own set of dangers and sometimes these are worse than just carrying on naturally - at least thats what is the case with my dad.


Sunday 9th of February 2014

Sorry to hear about your dad! Life can be difficult, sometimes. Which I why I wouldn't read a book about my life -- I really want to experience things fresh. Besides, we all know how our book will ultimately end, and I just don't want to know the details of that.

Carmel Moments

Saturday 8th of February 2014

I love the P90X workouts. Kenpo has to be one of my favorites too. That Tim Hawkins clip was awesome. We watched as a family and got a good laugh! Have a blessed weekend!