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Thinking Out Loud-Link Up #6


Here in this little space of mine, thanks to Amanda @ Running With Spoons, Thursdays are for taking a stroll through my random thoughts, because:


We are so not used to snow here in the south – so when it does fall, we have to wait for the big thaw out! Yesterday was the second time this year snow shut our city down, so I am incredibly stoked to see temperatures in the 40’s & 50’s for the next 5 days!

While waiting for things to thaw out, I kinda like being home-bound – of having a little break from the hustle and bustle. My daughter and I use times like these to catch upon movies and sometimes we turn up the goof factor and try out dances like this one from “Something Borrowed”.

Of course – with stores being empty during this snow-shut-down, we get to practice our new found moves – only they are nothing as co-ordinated and graceful as Kate Hudson’s and Ginnifer Goodwin’s were!


I taught my daughter to play chess about 10 years ago, I remember her cute, chubby fingers moving the pieces, unsure about her moves – but, inspite of her cuteness factor, it was one game I never let her win at! But, December of 2013, that changed – she won her very first game against me and she was elated! It’s taken me this long to admit she won! GAH!

Speaking of my daughter, over the years, I have observed how she has always learned from watching me, not necessarily listening to me; therefore, as a parent my struggle has been to always match what I say with what I do – oftentimes this is hard. I was reminded about this struggle when I came across this article about a dad who was travelling with his two children. They ended up missing their connecting flight due to the delay of their initial flight, as circumstances piled up against him, he lost his temper at a ticket agent, only to realize his kids were watching. After he cooled down, he chose to do the right thing and apologize, instead of letting pride stand in the way, and let his children witness and learn something that will stay with them forever. Yall have to read his redeeming act.

Apparently (according to this article) I am a “good news porn addict” and, much like my coffee addiction, it is an addiction that does not need recovery from!
In the words of Megan Griffo

“Good news can make you feel happy, yes, but you can use that happiness to make a change…f you’re not prepared to donate your time and money to a person or cause…you can digest good news in other ways. You can share a story with someone going through a struggle to let them know there’s a light at the other end. You can make an effort to complain less about your own problems. You can choose to love more and to appreciate what you have. These are small changes, of course, but they can make a difference.”


I am reading Randy Pausch’sThe Last Lecture” for like the gazillioneth time and one quote I love from the book-one quote I will always cherish is this:

Are you a good news porn addict?

What do you do when weather forces you to stay home-bound?

Happy Thursday Yall – if you made it this far, thank you so much for reading along!

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[email protected] Riffs

Sunday 16th of February 2014

Yeah, I'm pretty much a good news addict too. Sorry about all the lousy weather you've been having -- we've been having it too, but we're much more used to it. It's a major struggle where you are, I know.

Stacy (@wickedgoodkitch)

Sunday 16th of February 2014

Shashi, your posts ALWAYS make me smile! I am still recovering from the flu, so your post is just perfect to warm the heart. I'm totally loving the "good news addict" thang, and glad you are one, because it is the very reason why I love visiting your blog! We all need to read and share great, inspiring stories. Enjoy the warmer weather and stay healthy, my friend! xo


Saturday 15th of February 2014

I get cabin fever way too easily to let the weather stop me from going out! I go out every single day, no matter what. :)

Scary how the weather affected the south. I know that we are far better equipped to handle it. I hope that you aren't dealing with that nightmare again anytime soon!

Hotly Spiced

Saturday 15th of February 2014

I've heard you've had some snow in the South and that it's shut down your cities. You really are having a very severe and harsh winter. Congrats to your daughter on winning her first game of chess! xx

Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

Saturday 15th of February 2014

Sounds like your daughter and you got to spend a lot of lovely quality time together because of the snow, which is a great thing :)

I love reading me some good news too but who doesn't? ;)