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Thinking Out Loud Link-Up

Wishing Everyone A very Happy, Happy New Year!

Today for my first post of 2014, I am joining in the “TOL” party hosted by Amanda @ Running with Spoons as:

I am not big on New Year resolutions, but one that I seem to make almost every year is to watch more tv…
You see I love commercials…
While my daughter loves to fast forward through them…I simply adore them…
I mean what’s not to adore about:


This past Monday I got to make a trip to Cherians – the largest Indo-Pak grocery store in Atlanta and stocked up on fresh turmeric, ginger, garlic and onions…now I am ready for winter flu season! These are four of my main ingredients in just about every dish and (maybe its just me,but) they seem to be quite effective in keeping the nasty flu at bay most seasons.

I also found this big green squashy-cucumbery chap at Cherians; there was no label so I have no clue what this is…

My daughter and I share the same taste in Chocolate cake and books. This Christmas thru New Year break had us “co-reading” and finishing the first two Victoria Roth books in the Divergent series! I cannot wait to start the 3rd one.

I have been going back and forth on investing in a food processor to start making my own nutbutter. While making Kelly @ Life Made Sweeter’s “Snowball cookies for our Christmas Cookie Platter…
I ended up with a little extra ground up almonds in my blender and figured I would experiment and add some oil and honey…aaaand…the resulting concoction, while not being creamy, tasted as good as Justin’s maple almond butter! So Yum Yall!


This past week I came cross this story that I had to share – this story about a mechanic who found a diamond ring while removing a back seat of a car, he returned it to the car owner who realized that it belonged to a college friend who was going to propose to his then girlfriend – SIX AND A HALF YEARS AGO!!! Yay for honest mechanics!

Anyone have any idea what that green squashy-cucumbery chap is?

What is your choice of flu defense? 

Have you read the Divergent series? If not, any other good reads you would recommend?

Saying Happy New Year with Cookie Nookie Muffins!
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Sunday 5th of January 2014

The flu is no fun, so anything you can do to ward it off is smart! Love the story about the mechanic - so nice. Fun post - thanks.

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

Sunday 5th of January 2014

Happy New Year and Happy Weekend to you girl! Love seeing all those lovely herbs, especially that ginger... I can smell the greatness from here! :)

Helene D'Souza

Sunday 5th of January 2014

I am trying my first new year's resolution ever this year, I am seriously against it normally but this year it involves more healthy breakfast =) Could that mysterious vegetable be a bottle gourd? It kind of looks like that from the side. If it is that, they call those Indian pumpkins here. Not sure if I have wished you already dear Shashi, Happy new year to you and your family!


Sunday 5th of January 2014

Thanks Helene! Happy New Year to you too dear and thanks for the info on that green vegetable! A bottle gourd sounds intriguing!

Mike @TheIronYou

Sunday 5th of January 2014

Happy New Year Sash!!!!!! What is that green squashy-cucumbery thing? Seriously, I'm intrigued. Promise that when you do found out, you're going to tell me. Alright? ;-)


Saturday 4th of January 2014

Oh no! I can not watch the video right now but I will right when I get home! I wonder if he ended up having to buy another ring or he took it as a sign to not propose!

Happy New Year, Shashi!