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About Me

Hey there YOU! Thanks for stopping by!

I was recently told that I need an “About Me” page…sooooo here goes!

I’m not quite sure where to start … to be honest, this whole writing about me dealio makes me a tad bit uncomfortable, so, I figure we could start at the point where this little space of mine came into being…

Back until the summer of 2013, I had cultivated this bad habit of writing recipes down on post-it’s and then…promptly, losing them! I didn’t mean to…it just sort of happened – maybe you are plagued by this affliction as well? You see, I grew up with a Sri Lankan mom who managed to make the most delicious curries and cakes and never seemed to write anything down, but yet was able to reproduce those same curries and cakes whenever she wanted to. I thought I had her mad cooking and memorization skills – but, I thought wrong!

Shashi at Savory Spin

As I was a voracious voyeur of other food blogs around this time, my daughter suggested I start my own food blog (mostly because she was tired of me NOT being able to recreate a dish for a second time that she enjoyed the first time I made it, because I had lost the instructions and ingredients to it)

And… so… I DID!

In the beginning, I didn’t put much thought into what this space could become – after all, it was just for me and my daughter…a part time pastime.

I named this space of mine “Runnin Srilankan” as I was born in Sri Lanka and ran a lot (genius-blog-namer at work, eh?)

Runnin Srilankan

And… I began to document dishes on here that she (my daughter) loved with my ramblings and EXTREMELY bad pictures! But – as time passed, I actually began to truly enjoy blogging and all of y’all who drop by and say hi. And… I started to see how this blog of mine could become something more than I initially intended it to be. Funny how life ebbs and flows like that – eh?

So, as I juggled my full time job of a Graphic Designer, I began the journey of learning… about photography… about monetization… about working with brands… about social media’s role in it all… a journey that keeps on evolving and humbling me everyday in the scope of knowledge that it entails…

Runnin Srilankan 2 Year Bloggiversary

During that ongoing and evolving journey, I happened to be laid off from my full time job and decided to take a leap of faith and make this blog my full time gig. I rebranded to Savory Spin as I didn’t really write much about running on here, and, I called Atlanta, GA home – with my last trip to Sri Lanka being over 20 years ago. So far, I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to make a full time living from this little space of mine while being home for my daughter her senior year of high school…

Savory Spin in Salt Lake City

And…that’s pretty much the history of Savory Spin thus far.

Most of the recipes you see on here are easy-to-make, healthy-ish, tried-and-declared-tasty, recipes – some of which have been inspired by my childhood in Sri Lanka. Most of my exotic or Sri lankan fusion recipes incorporate budget-friendly ingredients that can be purchased at your local grocery store.
I am a huge proponent of “a little spice is always nice” and I passionately incorporate it into eats and treats that will tickle your tastebuds and not mess with your waistline – too much.

I am so grateful you stopped by, I am so grateful to all of y’all who have crossed paths with me who have inspired me to cook and experiment more (you know who you are), and I am so honored to Betta Stothart who convinced me that I need this About Me page when she called me to get me to reluctantly talk about myself on this feature she was doing for The Wild Blueberry Council.

~ Shashi