Sweet Salty Tangy Goldfish Snack Clusters

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These little Sweet Salty Tangy Goldfish® Snack Clusters with dried fruit, nuts and melted yogurt chips, would make one heck of a pick-me-up after school or after work!

Sweet, Salty, Tangy, Goldfish Snack Clusters #MixMatchMunch #ad Recipe at RunninSrilankan.com

If you told me that I could only pick one food item and one beverage item to enjoy for the rest of my life, why, chocolate and coffee would be no brainers! So, imagine my dismay when my daughter told me that she was taking a break from chocolate.

“Mom,” she said (and I wondered what happened to mommy, well, at least it wasn’t mother, not yet anyway) “I think my tastebuds have graduated from chocolate adoration!”

Wait – “graduated?” what does that say about me with my ongoing love affair with chocolate?

“I think salty is my new best friend,” she said, “with a teensy, tiny bit of tart and sweet!”

Of course, I suggested my lemon blueberry cookies.

To which she turned up her nose and said – “hmmm, white chocolate is still chocolate, Mom!”

Ok, ok – I guess I had that coming.

Sweet, Salty, Tangy, Goldfish Snack Clusters #MixMatchMunch #ad Recipe at RunninSrilankan.com

As we sat there in the kitchen, trying to brainstorm snacking choices… (or rather, she brainstormed snacking choices and I sat there dreaming about the fact that my chocolate bar won’t disappear from the refrigerator anymore) she began munching on a bag of Pretzel Goldfish® Crackers I had picked up from my neighborhood Walmart when I was out doing my weekly produce and snack shopping.

Sweet Salty Tangy Goldfish Snack Clusters #MixMatchMunch #ad Recipe at RunninSrilankan.com

All of a sudden, she stopped mid-munch and yanked open the pantry door and pulled out some banana chips from it. She then ran to the refrigerator and grabbed some raspberries and threw all three ingredients in a bowl. “Now if only these would all stick together somehow, I’d have a one-handed treat to enjoy after school when I am working on my homework.”

Sweet Salty Tangy Goldfish Snack Clusters #MixMatchMunch #ad Recipe at RunninSrilankan.com

Hmmm… well, seeing I had some yogurt chips also in my pantry, I melted them hoping they’d act as the “glue” to hold my daughter’s concoction together. As I also happened to have some dried mangoes and pecan pieces hanging out in our pantry, I figured I would add them to the bowl too – the more the merrier – right?

Sweet Salty Tangy Goldfish Snack Clusters #MixMatchMunch #ad Recipe at RunninSrilankan.com

I must say, my daughter has come up with some weird-sounding combinations – that surprisingly have blown my tastebuds away (I once succumbed to her persuasions and tried baked potato chips and vanilla ice cream and have been enamored with the combination since) and knew that this combination would be a good one. But, I was wrong – this combination is a GREAT one! When your mouth is filled with a chunk of yogurt covered salty Pretzel Goldfish® Crackers, pecans, tart dried mangoes, crunchy-sweet mango chips and sweet raspberries, it is pure joy indeed!

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Sweet Salty Tangy Goldfish Snack Clusters #MixMatchMunch #ad Recipe at RunninSrilankan.com

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Sweet Salty Tangy Goldfish Snack Clusters #MixMatchMunch #ad Recipe at RunninSrilankan.com


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Prep Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Servings: 12 clusters
Author: Shashi
These are a quick and easy, no bake treat with Goldfish® Crackers, dried fruit, nuts and melted yogurt chips that would make one heck of a pick-me-up, after school or after work!


  • 2 packets Pretzel Goldfish® Crackers
  • ¼ cup diced dried mangoes
  • ¼ cup pecans
  • ¼ cup broken up banana chips
  • ½ cup yogurt chips or you can use white chocolate
  • Raspberries


  • Melt the yogurt chips by placing them in a microwave safe dish and microwaving them for 30 seconds (melt for 20 seconds more if they are not melted thoroughly)
  • Toss in pecans, dried mangoes, banana chips, and Pretzel Goldfish® crackers and mix well
  • Spoon spoonfuls of mix onto parchment lined tray
  • Top with a raspberry (optional - can enjoy raspberries on the side)
  • Place trays in fridge for 30 minutes or till clusters are hardened and enjoy.
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  1. This sounds amazing, Shashi! I think we oughtta give lil Shashi a prize for coming up with this flavor combo! I love Goldfish crackers…and I always keep a stock of the cheese and pretzel ones on hand. (Their pretzel ones totally taste better than regular pretzels!) I’m a huge fan of salty + sweet when it comes to dessert, so I think I need these to magically appear in my kitchen. Say via a drone? 🙂

  2. Sweet and salty is one of my favorites…but I’m still with you and chocolate and coffee as the best! What a fun flavor combo that your daughter came up with though! My kids would definitely love these to munch on for lunches and after school!

  3. Lol, Well I guess more chocolate for you now, huh?! That has to be a small win <– always trying to think positively. You already know I'm not a chocolate person (by allergy default), so I can confidently say I support your daughters salty addiction! And I am totally on board with these clusters! I happen to LOOOOVE goldfish, but I would have never thought to combine them with fruit, nuts and melted yogurt chips! This looks and sounds like THE perfect snack, Shashi! A MUST try for sure! I hope you and your daughter have a fabulous long weekend!! Cheers, dear! xo

  4. Chocolate and coffee: oh, TOTALLY. Two of the finest ingredients in the world. How dare your daughter think white chocolate is STILL chocolate!!! Lololol. She is too clever for us gals! 😉 Meanwhile, thank goodness you won’t have to watch your chocolate in the fridge with a hawkeye anymore. Hey, I knew there was an upside to your kiddo switching over to salty snacks! 😉 Side note: okay, but I love that you managed to use yogurt chips, which is basically white chocolate posing as yogurt. Lolol. Well played, Shashi! Haha. Thanks for making me chuckle, as always. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. Muah! xoxo

  5. Dear Shashi, I just love this idea!! All the flavors together just work together so perfectly. I wouldn’t be able to stop picking at these little clusters of goodness. xo, Catherine

  6. You and your daughter. You are a pair FOR SURE!!! I love how you came up with this combo together. I forget about yogurt chips and this is such a better choice as a binder than candy melts or white chocolate chips. The flavors sound yummy and there’s a lot of good for you goodness in there too. I am also a salty/sweet fan. And a sucker for chocolate. And coffee!!! Maybe I will come be your roommate when your daughter goes away to college. Just in case you’re lonely or anything. I know the company and the eats would be fantastic. 🙂 XOXO

  7. I’ve definitely never had anything like this before, but they look super tasty!! I had no idea Goldfish had honey grahams! <3!!!

    How did your daughter graduate(?!?) from chocolate adoration? :O!!! This does sound like the perfect mix of sweet and salty though!

  8. my gosh why could you think of this recipe? it’s AMAZING!! chips, yogurt, raspberries, and also dried mangos, such a great combo that not only kids love but me too. I can eat this everyday haha thanks for sharing, friend.

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