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Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

These gluten free, butter free, cookies are perfect with coffee for breakfast or even for dessert – after breakfast!


Some people say we dream every night; but, most times, I have a hard time remembering any of mine. Sometimes, I’ll wake up feeling like I ran a marathon, but have no idea why or what or how…am I the only one?

However, every once in awhile, a dream will poke through into my subconscious state and I will remember it vividly! One such dream happened a few nights ago… in it, I woke up and came to the kitchen to get the coffee brewing (much like I do every morning) when I stopped, shocked to see someone in my kitchen. Now, it’s just my daughter and I and our dogs at home… and … my daughter is not a morning person! 

Thumprint cookies

At first, I wasn’t sure I recognized the person – but then – then it became clear that the person in my kitchen was a smiling, younger version of my dad. He was standing at my microwave in a red plaid shirt, reheating his coffee, and smiling. Maybe it’s because we are coming up on the anniversary of his passing that I remembered that dream…or, that I even dreamed that dream in the first place. Between my mom, sister and I, I am supposed to be the strong one, the one who holds it together and doesn’t fall apart, the one who can always manage to put the fact that he isn’t suffering anymore, over the fact that he is missed.

But, appearances are sometimes just appearances. I think about my dad often, I miss his gentle spirit, his smiling face, his ability to always look for the good in people and always ask them how they were doing. And, his unwavering love of all things sweet!


So, in honor of his love of dessert – after dinner and after lunch, and, sometimes even after breakfast, I made these Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies.

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Now, these are not as buttery and melt-in-your-mouth as traditional thumbprint cookies, nor do they have “prints” of jam. Heck, I didn’t even use my thumb to make the prints (I used a spoon). These are, however, gluten free, oat filled, cookies – made with coconut oil instead of butter and flavored with anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate and Saigon cinnamon. I would let my daughter eat these after dinner or after lunch or even after breakfast – heck – actually – these were breakfast this morning!

Gluten Free Chocolate Drizzled Chocolate-Peanut-Butter Thumbprint Cookies @RunninSrilankan

This recipe first appeared on Food Fanatic – Looking for more recipe ideas and inspiration? Then please click HERE!

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    1. Mike – that was one creepy video! As creeped out as I am to see videos and images and whatnot with “ghosts” or whatever they might be – every city my daughter and I visit, we end up taking a ghost tour of it! Best one to date was a twilight one in Washington DC! The only place we have visited and not taken a ghost tour in is NYC!

  1. Although your Dad is not here in person, I 100% believe he’s looking down in awe of how talented of a cook (drooling over these cookies for sure), and what a beautiful mom and person you are. I’m sure the dream was bittersweet, but never forget it.

    1. Thanks so much Jessie!
      I bet he is also laughing at the first time I decided to cook some sort of pasta dish for everyone when I was around 10 – it smelled so good, but, gosh, it tasted so so bad! We ended up having pizza that night!

  2. I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about my dad also! He hated chocolate, so I’m not sure he would have loved these (weirdo), but I sure would!

  3. What a great dream, Shashi! I would love to remember more of my dreams. I’ve been remembering a few lately, but mine are always so messed up. Yours are so sweet! Speaking of sweet, one of those cookies would be a great addition to my morning coffee right about now. Your Dad knew how to roll in the morning!!

    1. David – it was just this one that was sweet – maybe mine are so messed up too that my mind blocks them off – though, these cookies would help drown out any messy dreams 🙂
      Yes my dad knew how to roll – he used to have cake for breakfast somedays – and I’m not talking about the flourless/glutenfree/ butter free kind either!

  4. I love how you made these in honor of your dad. What a lovely tribute.

    I would like to come to your house for breakfast, lunch and dinner please. Especially if you are having these delicious items after each course! 😀

    1. Thanks Neil!
      I do love sweets – and you and Lynn are welcome for breakfast, lunch and dinner – so long as you bring that peanut butter chocolate chip cheesecake – mmkay?

  5. I always dream about exams and the ones I didn’t prepare well… even now..LOL!!! I can see myself being tensed in the dream. I get the funny feeling when I wake up in the morning… hope I am not talking loud in my dreams 🙂

    The thumbprint cookie looks just like the buckeye candy!! I can almost taste the gooey goodness of melted chocolate and peanut butter.

    1. Shibi, it’s been awhile since I had Buckeye candy – there’s a little farm not too far from me that makes them fresh – now I need to go back and get some! Thanks so much!

  6. I dream every single night and almost always remember them. It’s weird how vivid they seem and how sure I am they happened when I wake up. I’m glad you got to spend some time with you dad in your dreams 🙂 These cookies looks great too!

  7. I rarely remember my dreams! Only every so often if they are super crazy! 🙂

    Thumbprint cookies are the best! These look fantastic! Want to send me some for after dinner??

  8. If I were an owner of a food museum, I would definitely have a chocolate exhibition (it’s a must, right). And believe me, I would opt for these amazingly looking cookies as the star of the chocolate collection. The only one problem I see that I would need an extra security protection:) Great job, Shashi!

    1. A chocolate exhibition???? Oh My – I’d be first in line to get in – wait – would this exhibit be “Look but don’t touch”? Cause I’d have to be a rule breaker and fly my chocolate eating kite high and attack all the chocolate in the exhibit! Gosh….now I want chocolate….GAH!!!
      Thanks Ben 🙂

  9. What a wonderfully beautiful post 😉 I dream of my mom frequently too. And I always have the urge to run to the kitchen and cook something up 🙂 I love these cookies! Def a must make!!!

    1. Mila – I am assuming you lost your mom? I am so sorry, dear. Cooking (like running) can be so soothing -right?
      BTW – thanks so much

      1. I did…13 years agoi next month. Cooking was our dream…and I feel like she lives through me when I’m in the kithcen 🙂 I wish I felt that way about running ha! Running for me is just a way to burn the calories fast!

        1. I am so sorry Mila! That’s wonderful that you continue your mom’s legacy – I bet she is so proud of you!
          I was engaged till about a week ago and am not anymore so these days, running has been my number 1 stress buster – the calorie burn is an added bonus! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Sending you a big virtual hug and I hope you have a great weekend.

  10. These cookies are mouth watering.. My husband has gone Gluten free recently and he will (me too) will absolutely love this.. thanks for sharing 😀

    1. Thanks so much Arpita! Good luck to your hubs – GF can be tough sometimes! My daughter has a slight sensitivity to gluten – but sometimes she gives into her craving for gluten-full bread!

  11. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man Shashi. What a sweet tribute. I’m sure he would be so proud of you and the wonderful job you’re doing with your daughter.
    The cookies sound wonderful! I love that they’re legal for breakfast!

    1. Ha – yes – these sure are legal for breakfast – like baked chocolate oatmeal – almost!
      Thanks so much Chris – yes, he was a wonderful dad – the best!

  12. Super huge virtual hugs going out your way, Shashi! It sounds like you re definitely meant to remember that dream–I hope it brought a little peace to you regarding your dad! And these cookies look absolutely ahmaaazing! Lovin’ all that chocolate goodness going on!

  13. I can’t believe it’s almost a year since that very sad time for you and your family. Dreams can be so powerful! It sounds like you had an amazing father and it’s lovely of you to make something in his memory. I do love how these are decorated and it’s fabulous they are GF and butter-free – these wouldn’t be turned down by anyone xx

  14. You make THE BEST healthy snacks Shashi! Love this post, your dad sounds like a wonderful person! Pinning!

  15. I’m all in favour of dessert after breakfast! Or… at any time of the day 😛 And it’s even better when it’s made with ingredients that are actually good for you. These look wonderful, Shashi! And I love that they’re topped with [but] butter and more chocolate <3 Pinned!

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