Caramel Apple Popsicles

I’ve partnered with Premier Protein to bring y’all these Caramel Apple Protein Popsicles. All opinions are mine alone. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that keep this Srilankan Runnin!
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Caramel Apple Protein Popsicles - 3 ingredients and healthy too!

Quick summer storms bring with them the hope that when they pass, the day will be cooler, cleaner – simply better than what it was before. But, last week, this wasn’t the type of summer storm that slashed it’s way down our street. This particular storm managed to mess with traffic lights, scuffle with trees, and blow down branches.

But that’s not all. My daughter (who had been home that day) called me and exclaimed: “Mom, I have a good excuse not to go to work tomorrow! That storm that blew through took that ginormous rose bush you planted and laid it across our driveway – behind my car!”

Caramel Apple Protein Popsicles - 3 ingredients and healthy too!

Of course, that storm did it’s dastardly deed and took off so when I got home, the day was starting to look a lot better for everyone (not just my need-an-excuse-not-to-go-to-work daughter) …or, so I thought. With the sun shining, I parked on the street and went to fetch some giant clippers to chop that giant rose bush up, promising my daughter Caramel Apple Popsicles if she helped. And, just as I made my first cut, I noticed a nest. A bird’s nest! In a rose bush! Now I’ve seen some crazy nests in bushes before, but I’ve never seen a bird’s nest nestled under the thorny branches of a rose bush ever.

When I looked closer, I realized that it was a fresh nest. Just then, my daughter noticed a baby bird caught on a branch. She reached in, despite the thick thorns, and ever so gently, cajoled that baby bird out. We started looking around and found another one hobbling along on the driveway. My daughter picked up both those birds and inspite of the odds, held onto hope that she could help nurse them back to health. Those baby birds were young. We Googled and conferenced with friends, only to figure out that those birds were less than a 5 days old.

Premier Protein Caramel Shake

Now, I wish I had a happy ending to share with y’all, but, that summer storm did not make that particular day better. Even though we hung their nest in a safer location, and managed to feed them some food, and even saw their “mom” with them, they didn’t quite make it through the night.

As we had a small funeral for them the next day, I began to worry about my daughter – she, who is always witty and sassy, was quite and reserved. Then, just at that moment, she surprised me by saying: “it was for the best that this happened, mom; because, could you imagine the pain they would have been in had they grown and tried to fly out of that thorny rose bush?

It’s situations like these that make me realize inspite of all my mistakes, I have been blessed indeed. My daughter, my rainbow after that summer storm, you make my days cooler, cleaner – simply better than what they were before you came along because your hope, your understanding just blows me away.

Paleo Caramel Sauce

And in that light, with that understanding, I shared with her that these aren’t simply Caramel Apple Popsicles. These are really better-for-her-and-me, Caramel Apple Protein Popsicles made with unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon and Premier Protein‘s brand new Caramel Protein Shakes and drizzled with a dairy free Caramel Sauce which I adapted from my friend Mike@TheIronYou. You see, I have hope that when she’s off at college next year, she will look to easy-to-make, better-for-her, protein-packed popsicles to make her days cooler, her insides cleaner – simply better than what they were before.

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Caramel Apple Protein Popsicles - 3 ingredients and healthy too!

Caramel Apple Protein Popsicles

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Prep Time: 6 hours 10 minutes
Total Time: 6 hours 10 minutes
Servings: 4 popsicles
Author: Shashi
Ahhha - noting quite like an easy and healthy-enough-for-breakfast, protein packed popsicle to help keep your summer days cooler and cleaner - right? 🙂


  • 1 cup Premier Protein Caramel Shake
  • 1 cup unsweetend applesauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


  • Add Premier Protein Caramel Shake, unsweetend applesauce and cinnamon to a bowl and mix well.
  • Pour into popsicle trays and freeze for 4-6 hours
  • Serve drizzled with Caramel Sauce for a truly decadent experience.
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Caramel Apple Protein Popsicles - 3 ingredients and healthy too!

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  1. Aww, what a sad story. I feel terrible for those birds. But Lil Shashi truly has a good head on her shoulders. Hope everything is back to normal down there now…I remember those crazy Southern storms. And I hope you didn’t eat all of these popsicles yet…because I’m gonna need some ASAP! 🙂

    1. Haha – come on over – I do have a second batch in the freezer!
      Those southern storms haven’t quite subsided – but nothing crazy like that last one!
      Thanks so much – hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

  2. Dear Shashi – What a story that is. Sad about the baby birds. And kinda crazy about the rose bush to begin with. That was one heck of a storm. Your daughter was seeing that glass half full on account of those baby birds, but I know she was disappointed. I feel bad for the mama bird…losing her babies. Well, the bright spot is definitely these amazing popsicles. I need to put some popsicles on my blog too. Yours look so refreshing and I’m such a caramel fan. Mmmmm… We’ve had cooler weather around here for the last week but the heat index is about to kick in so I hear. That’s why I am headed to the Cape for the day tomorrow. To catch some cool breezes! Hope you are having a good week my friend, Friday’s coming! 🙂 xo

    1. How did you enjoy the Cape? I sure hope the temperature wasn’t too cold, or too hot for ya, but just right.
      Thank you so much Allie.

  3. What a cool story and daughter you have Shashi, unfortunate for the little birds though. You guys did your best and at least they were with their mom at the end. 🙂 These popsicles look heavenly and cooling as does the scrumptious caramel. What an great treat!

  4. What a sad story, Shashi…
    We’ve been having a terrible hit wave so something refreshing is badly needed. These popsicles look and sound fantastic; however they have one significant drawback. You know which one? If you send them out to me, they will likely melt out. Please, you should develop a recipe resistant to shipping next time. Promise?:)

    1. Hahaha – Ben, I just think you and Andrey just need to come visit and that way you can sample all the homemade popsicles and cookies you want to 🙂
      Thanks so much btw.

  5. Sorry the birds didn’t make it! Although we have them nesting in one of our rose bushes, too. Amazing they can put up with the thorns! We have some friends who have deer in their neighborhood, and the deer eat their roses, thorns and all. Can’t imagine that! Anyway, great dish — thanks so much.

    1. John, right after I wrote this post, I was out walking my dogs and saw a birds nest IN a rose bush – I have no idea how tey do it – but they were just fine! Crazy indeed!
      Thanks so much, btw.

  6. Aw those sweet birds 🙁 Stories like this always make me so sad but you’ve got yourself a great daughter 🙂 We’ve had some crazy storms too – most afternoons with all these humidity!!

    PS these popsicles sound awesomeee.

  7. Lines like this make me soooo look forward to reading your blog, Shashi: “that storm did it’s dastardly deed”:)
    This story just touched my heart, Shashi. <3 Thank you for sharing that experience with your daughter. You were blessed with an amazing daughter, but, happily, she was blessed with an incredible mother. The world needs more hope and understanding. Thank you for sharing your rainbow after the summer storm. 🙂
    These caramel apple protein popsicles look simply delicious. That drizzle… yum! Hoping you and your daughter have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

    1. Awww – you are so “dastardly” sweet! Thank you so much sweet friend! This single parenting thing leaves me questioning my parenting often – then I come across comments like this – Demeter – thank you!
      I hope you had a wonderful time at your sister’s wedding!

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