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Easy Green Bean Casserole

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This Simple Green Bean Casserole With A Twist is a light saute of beans, mushrooms, onions, ginger and Kikkoman® Soy Sauce with a topping of onions that have been coated in a Kikkoman® Soy Sauce flavored egg wash and dredged in Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs.

Kikkoman® Green Bean Casserole With A Twist

Beans! As a tween, I was surrounded by beans – verbal beans, that is! My mom would often demand I “spill the beans” when my sister was in tears and I apparently looked guilty! And, my dad would often ask me why I was “full of beans” after he’d accidentally give me a mug of coffee instead of hot chocolate… I often wanted to say, “gee, dada, I’m full of caffeine and not beans“… but, I didn’t want to spill the beans on my new love affair with coffee! Buuuut… my coffee obsession love is for another day… today we are talking about beans…

Yes – beans! Those verbal beans that populated my childhood! Quite unlike the humble Green Bean Casserole – which was totally absent from those childhood years of mine!
Now, how was that for a segue – eh?! 🙂

On a serious note though, even though The Green Bean Casserole celebrated it’s 60th birthday recently, I wasn’t introduced to it until I had my first Thanksgiving here in the US in the fall of 1993 (36 years after it had been around)! Aaaaaannnnnd I was entranced. I could get used to this creamy, luscious green bean goodness – minus the guilt associated with the verbal beans of my childhood! I’m joshing – so joshing, y’all!

Kikkoman® Soy Sauce and Kikkoman® Panko Breadcrumbs
Kikkoman® Panko Breaded Onions
Kikkoman® Green Bean Casserole Prep

Since my first encounter with that green bean casserole, I’ve come to enjoy it in so many different ways over past holidays. Sometimes, with the traditional 6 ingredients it was originally made with. And, other times, with a twist, like a cheesy topping, or as a saute sans creaminess with a sprinkling of caramelized onions. Today, the version I have here isn’t made with condensed soup – it isn’t creamy – but it is packed with flavor! It is a light saute of beans, mushrooms, onions, ginger and Kikkoman® Soy Sauce with a topping of onions that have been coated in a Kikkoman® Soy Sauce flavored egg wash and dredged in Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs! Now, this is versatile, so if you’d rather add in a can of condensed soup, please feel free to do so – but do keep the flavor of the ginger, onions, fresh mushrooms and and Kikkoman® Soy Sauce!

Kikkoman® at Walmart
Kikkoman® Green Bean Casserole

I was at Walmart recently and decided to try out this Green Bean Casserole with a twist on my daughter, before our holiday meal with family and friends. So, I picked up a bottle of Kikkoman® Soy Sauce and a package of Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs (which can be found in the breading section at Walmart and not the Asian section). By the way, Kikkoman® is not just for Asian sauces and marinades – it’s more mainstream and versatile, and perfect to incorporate into your holiday recipes. Kikkoman’s® Traditionally Brewed Soy Sauce is a major flavor enhancer and brings out the “umami” taste of a dish, and also helps balance and round out flavors in it. Kikkoman® offers a variety of Gluten-Free products certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) as well as a lower sodium version: Kikkoman® Less Sodium Soy Sauce, which is perfect for those home cooks who are looking to cut down on their sodium levels, without sacrificing flavor. offers easy “gateway” recipes so that home-cooks can enjoy flavor and flair any night of the week. If you’d like more holiday recipes using Kikkoman® Soy Sauce, please click here. And – please do check out Kikkoman ® on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram!

Ibotta Offer on Kikkoman Soy Sauce
Ibotta Offer on Kikkoman Breadcrumbs

By the way, you can click this link or the image above for an Ibotta offer on Kikkoman® Soy Sauce and/or this link and the image below for an Ibotta offer on Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs!

I sure hope y’all give this Simple Green Bean Casserole With A Twist a try and, if y’all love it as much as my daughter and I did, I sure do hope it will be one of your favorite, lightened-up, holiday sides!

A Simple Green Bean Casserole With A Twist

This Simple Green Bean Casserole With A Twist is a light saute of beans, mushrooms, onions, ginger and Kikkoman® Soy Sauce with a topping of onions that have been coated in a Kikkoman® Soy Sauce flavored egg wash and dredged in Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs.

For the beans

  • 2 tbsps olive oil
  • 1/2 yellow onion diced
  • 1/2 tsp freshly grated ginger
  • 4-6 tbsp Kikkoman® Soy Sauce
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 3 cups fresh green beans roughly chopped (or canned beans)

For the onions

  • 1/2 tsp Kikkoman® Soy Sauce
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 yellow onion cut into big-ish pieces
  • 2 cups Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs (for dredging)

For the onions

  1. Preheat oven to 400

  2. Add egg yolk and white into a boy with Kikkoman® Soy sauce and beat mixture with a fork.

  3. Then coat onions in this egg wash and dredge in the Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs and place on a foil lined baking tray.

  4. When all onion pieces are coated and dredged, place the tray in the oven and bake onions for 20 minutes. 

For the beans (these can be started when the onions are placed in the oven)

  1. Add olive oil to a pan and when warm, add in onions. Saute onions for a couple of minutes.

  2. Then add in beans, ginger, Kikkoman® Soy Sauce, and brown sugar and saute about 7 – 10 minutes. Then, add this bean mixture into an oven safe pan.

  3. When onions are baked, place them on top of the sauteed beans.

  4. Lower oven temp to 375 and bake mixture at 375 degrees for 15 minutes and enjoy.

Kikkoman® Green Bean Casserole #SeasonYourHolidays


Thursday 30th of November 2017

This is the coolest looking and I'm sure super delicious green bean casserole! Love it! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Trying this recipe next :)


Thursday 30th of November 2017

YES!!! That was an awesome segue my friend. And I would have expected no less!!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. This fresh green bean casserole looks delicious. I'm not a fan of condensed soup in green bean casserole, so loved hearing the "kick" that Kikkoman's gives with the soy sauce and also the panko bread crumbs. Sounds absolutely delicious and perfect alongside the bird. Hope all is well and thank you for another scrumptious recipe. XOXO

Amber Edwards

Thursday 30th of November 2017

I was never a fan of the heavy/creamy green bean casserole. But now this recipe I could totally go for! It looks and sounds amazing! And I love it's a lighter version of a holiday classic! #client

Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy

Thursday 30th of November 2017

This looks like the perfect side dish for all the holiday dinners. My family loves green beans, so I know this will be a winner for sure.

David @ Spiced

Thursday 30th of November 2017

Kikkoman is making panko bread crumbs now? Awesome! I'll have to keep an eye out next time I'm at Walmart! I love the idea of topping green beans with panko-crusted onions. In fact, those panko onions sound like they might be a snack in and of a baked onion ring? Mmmm...onion rings. :-) This sounds like my kind of holiday meal, and I'd gladly keep from spilling the beans if it means an extra helping of this one. Looks delicious, Shashi!!