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31 Easier & Healthier Holiday Sides

A list of 31 Delicious Holiday Sides And Dreamy Snacks – with a healthy spin!

31 Easier & Healthier Holiday Sides

When it comes to your Holiday meal, do you lean towards ham, or turkey, or duck, or lobster as your main course?

For our family, it varies. We have had everything from turkey to tofurkey to salmon for Christmas.

Our main course may vary from year to year (this year we are having chicken) but church and healthy-ISH side dishes will always be part of our time together. Along with the sides, there’s always healthy-ISH snack and dessert options as well.

And, listed below are 31 Delicious Holiday Sides And Snacks with a healthy spin.

In addition to being healthy-ISH and wholesome, most of these recipes are super easy and super quick to whip up.

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Here’s hoping your Holidays are filled with all the people, all the food, and all things that make your heart happy.

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  3. Shashi, have a delicious and beautiful holiday season!