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Blackberry Meringue Cookies

These simple five ingredient Blackberry Meringue Cookies are not just mesmerizing to look at – they are full of crispy deliciousness from almond meal and blackberries!

Blackberry Meringue Cookies

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this blogging journey has taken me down some unexpectedly wonderful paths. I cannot seem to stop smiling when I think of each and every one of y’all that stop by and/or comment here in this little space of mine. Y’all cannot imagine how much I have learned from y’all – whether it be a new cooking tip or a tip on how truly beautiful a soul can be.

Recently, when I was on Instagram, I stumbled on a mini-clip by @cookingwithlemon which led me to their Youtube site and, I gotta say if y’all want a good belly laugh – y’all have to check this father/daughter duo out.

Blackberry Meringue Cookies

From his reaction to the messes she seems to make in just about ever video, to her spunk, this duo is simply hilarious! But, dig a bit deeper and you will see more – you will see love, pure, unconditional love. Instead of belittling, there is lifting up; instead of crying over spilled milk (or spilled anything); there is fun cleaning up. Instead of discouragement, there is encouragement – and it is hilarious, tender, beautiful and mesmerizing to watch.

Blackberry Meringue Cookies

Kind of like these meringue cookies – how about that for a segue eh?
These meringue cookies are super simple to make. But, dig a bit deeper and you will see that that ribbon of blackberry jam in them is not just mesmerizing to look at but adds so much flavor to these meringue cookies. My daughter ate 6 of these blackberry meringue cookies when I asked her to taste-test them. I wanted to fancy up a couple of them, so I added a dollop of coconut whipped cream and some blackberries to them – but they are delicious all by themselves.

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Blackberry Meringue Cookies

These Blackberry Meringue Cookies first appeared on Food Fanatic – please check out Food Fanatic for more recipe ideas and inspiration!

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  2. Meringue cookies have been on my mind for ever and LOVE this blackberry version.It really must have been great!

  3. Thanks for turning me on to that father daughter duo, what a kick each of them are! I just put you on my Bloglovin group because I don’t want to miss out. These look beautiful, but not too beautiful to eat. I’d eat plenty if thep late was in front of me.
    Great recipe with all sorts of fruit jam switch ups I see happening. Thanks Shashi

  4. GiGi Eats says:

    I have always wanted to make sugar-free meringues!!! OH SNAP! ANOTHER blog post idea! SHA BOOM!! 😉

  5. Oh my gosh, how pretty and how delicious! And yes, blogging does take you down some fun, interesting and unexpected paths!

  6. How in the heck did I miss this post, Shashi? (Stupid Bloglovin…) I’m glad I stumbled across this one though as I love blackberries. Like I could eat a whole carton of blackberries and still want more. These cookies look super fancy, and I can see why lil Shashi enjoyed ’em so much. I hope she saved me some though! 🙂

  7. We’ve made plenty of meringue in our house, but I don’t think we ever shaped it into cookies. Why not? Beats me, but we’re going to! Terrific recipe — thanks.

  8. I love meringue anything really, but I especially love meringue cookies. They bring back happy childhood memories.
    I also happen to love blackberry anything…so you got me.
    Love all of this!!


  9. That is always how to do it! There are no failures and the best things sometimes come out of the “unexpected” resluts 😉 Cooking is FUN!

  10. My fiance would absolutely LOVE these, and I love that the ingredient list is so simple!

  11. I love these!

    Meringues always make me think of summer. But that’s the larger ones.

    So I love how you’ve made these delightful little meringue cookies. I could make these and have them as little snacks at work! Brilliant.

  12. These look amazing! I LOVE meringue cookies! Love the addition of blackberry jam!

  13. These look so pretty Shashi

  14. These meringue cookies are stunning Shashi! I love the colours! such a beautiful springtime treat, and I love the blackberry flavour 🙂

  15. Catherine says:

    Dear Shashi, what delightful little cookies…they remind me of pavlovas. I love it! Beautiful dessert. xo, Catherine

  16. Ashley says:

    haha I liked that transition! These meringue cookies sound fantastic – I loveeee blackberry anything!! Hope you had a great weekend Shashi!!

  17. Meringue cookies with a ribbon of blackberry jam running through. Sounds just delightful and perfect for springtime brunches and luncheons. No wonder your daughter ate 6. And good thing I am far away because I probably would’ve eaten MORE!! These cookies could definitely be the delicious base for many fruity combinations. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Shashi. We headed down to RI after church and spent it with my extended family. Late night getting home and it was hard to drag everyone out of bed for school this morning. BUT WORTH IT! xo

  18. I am all for these gorgeous and delicious looking cookies, Shashi!! Cookie perfection! I would love to have these with a glass of milk for breakfast.

  19. Asha says:

    These are stunning Sashi. I had to stop by immediately. I can almost feel the crunch and the tart and sweet blackberries. This is pure perfection.
    I agree, it’s such a fantastic community and so much support. I definitely will be checking cookingwithlemon, so much fun.
    Hope you are doing well my dear. Hugs.

  20. Oh wow, these cookies ARE totally mesmerizing, Shashi!! Turning a meringue into a cookie is absolutely genius… which is something I have come to expect from you! You always deliver, my dear! These are almost too pretty to eat… almost, because who am I kidding? I NEED that blueberry meringue cookie in my belly ASAP! Love these! Pinned!
    P.s. Totally checking out @cookingwithlemon! Thanks for the 411! Cheers, dear! xo

  21. Mira says:

    Love meringue cookies and these look amazing! Need to check this youtube channel out, sounds like I’m gonna like them!

  22. Saw these on Instagram this morning. . what a beautiful and delicious way to wake up! love these blackberry meringue cookies!!!!!

  23. They look gorgeous with those fresh blackberries!

  24. Ramona W says:

    What a great idea… looks yummy! 🙂

  25. swayam says:

    Shashi this is perfection. and it screams spring!! Light meringue cookies and blackberry… wow!

  26. this is genius! it’s almost like pavlova too. Which my husband loves. Light, airy, fruiting, refreshing. Great with coffee… mmm yes!

  27. Marye Audet-White says:

    These look so amazing! I need to try them!

  28. I love when people can laugh and have fun over cleaning up spilled milk–best people to be around. And these meringues looks fab!

  29. I haven’t had meringue cookies in foreverrrrr. These are so beautiful! I agree that blogging is amazing (well, for many reasons) but I love the people I’ve “met” aaaand the people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in real life. It’s crazy and amazing.

  30. Those swirls are just gorgeous!