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Chocolate Strawberry Cookies {Gluten Free}

These gluten-free, Chocolate Strawberry cookies are a delicious blend of tart, freeze dried strawberries, brown sugar and semi-sweet chocolate and have an added dose of fiber from the oat bran in them – making them the perfect breakfast cookie!

Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

Since I was 12 years old, I have been waking up to the aroma and taste of coffee. I’ve been convinced that the smell of it brewing is better than any alarm clock, and that first sip of it gets every fiber in my body as excited as my daughter gets when the slight chance of bumping into Paul Wesley (from the Vampire Diaries) presents itself.

However, according to “The Idiot’s Guide to Smarter Coffee Drinking,” I have been going about this whole coffee thing all wrong! According to this guide (with handy-dandy infographic), the ideal time to drink coffee is NOT as soon as I wake up, but at 10am! Wait – that’s like 6 hours after I open my eyes! I mean how am I supposed to deal with Atlanta traffic without coffee buzzing through my veins? Or, maybe I won’t feel the need to give anyone the one-finger salute without coffee buzzing through my veins? hmmm…Just kidding – I don’t do that – seriously, I don’t!

Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

If I were to follow this guide, then, well, I guess I need to arm myself with a breakfast that would be a worthy substitute for coffee! And – what better substitute for coffee is there than chocolate!? Right? Especially when said chocolate comes in the form of cookies! Cookies that are healthy enough to be breakfast cookies with chocolate IN them and chocolate ON them!

Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

As I have been experimenting with different gluten-free flour options, I used sorghum flour in these cookies, but, if gluten is your thing, you can use regular all-purpose flour too. I also added in some freeze dried strawberries to add in some tartness – because tart, freeze dried strawberries, semi-sweet chocolate, and brown sugar just jive so well together!

What would you substitute your cuppa joe with?
Or, I guess I should be asking – would you ever even consider substituting your cuppa joe?

This recipe first appeared on FoodFanatic ~ Please visit FoodFanatic for more recipe ideas and food inspiration!

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  1. Coffee 6 hours after waking?? But then that’s close to lunchtime- boo! I don’t actually need coffee for the caffeine purposes but I just love the ritual of following my breakfast with a steamy cup of coffee. It almost signifies the end of the meal and time to start my day. If I had to, I guess I’d be okay to swap my morning cup of coffee for herbal tea. And hey, if I had cookies like this for breakfast, I probably wouldn’t even miss coffee ;)!

    1. I always though coffee was part of my morning ritual, but then I began to realize – it’s also part of my afternoon ritual, my evening ritual and – sometimes – even my night ritual! Thanks so much Khushboo!

  2. Lots of chocolate and no one finger salutes….sounds like a winner to me. You make me laugh Shashi, always enjoy visiting your corner over here. Such pretty and delicious cookies, perfect for a Valentine’s tea. Not that we’re going to get one. But it sounds scrumptious. so let me know if you host one, and save me a seat! xo

    1. Allie – one day we’ve gotta meet for “Tea”! When I was in Abu Dhabi – we always had tea-time with treats when my parents got home from work as dinner was always around 7.30/8 pm – how things have changed! BTW Thanks so much! xo

  3. Dear Shashi, I love when flavors collide like this…the sweet mixed with the tart berries sounds perfect to me. These cookies are so pretty…I’m tempted to whip up a batch this morning. xo, Catherine

  4. Hi Shashi!
    These photos are absolutely gorgeous – I love the Valentine’s-themed look.
    It constantly amazes me how you manage to come up with so many healthy treats.
    Interesting ‘coffee facts’, too! I always have my cup at about 9am, so I guess I’m not too far off the ideal!!

    1. Haha – Thanks so much Helen – I do have the occasional indulgence on here from time to time – think I have one coming up with cookie butter before the week is up…

    1. Kristen, I hate to admit this – but it’s 12:17 and I am on cup 4 – one of these days am gonna curb my habit – till then, I’ll take my coffee with a side of chocolate – YEAH! 🙂

  5. replacing coffee is hard. I’ve tried! but if i had these cookies, i might give it up…. or just have both, right? love the sorghum flour! i need that.

  6. Substitute my cup of joe? Hah. That’s a joke! You’re a really funny lady, Shashi! 🙂 While I won’t substitute my cup of coffee, I would gladly pair it with these cookies though. What a clever way to use freeze-dried strawberries! Now I just need a stack (yes, stack) of these cookies, a pot of coffee and a good book. That sounds like the perfect way to spend the day today!

    1. 🙂 Hey – can’t blame a girl for trying! Besides – I’ve noticed that recently, my favorite coffee brands have been flying off the shelves and I figure the more people can be convinced to give up their coffee, the more chances are that my favorite coffee packages will still be on store shelves…right? 🙂

  7. If I -had- to sub out coffee, chocolate is most definitely the way that I would do it. But… that being said… please don’t ever make me sub out coffee 😆 I don’t drink it first thing in the morning, but I do love having it in the morning a couple hours after I wake up. With a cookie on the side 😉 Also, I’m not sure why this is, but your posts haven’t been updating in my Bloglovin feed. I won’t see any for a couple of days, and then I’ll get like 4 at once 😕

    1. Sorry about that Amanda – I was having some major, major site issues! Thinking it’s all fixed – hoping it’s all fixed now! 🙂
      BTW Thanks so much!

  8. Cannot — WILL NOT — give up my morning coffee! It would be impossible, and the world would be worse for it! Now these cookies — amazingly beautiful and I am loving the freeze dried strawberries (and, um, the chocolate)! Such a great idea. Love the touch of cinnamon, too!

  9. haha yeahhh I’d never make it to 10am without coffee! It’s one of my favorite parts about my morning routine! These cookies sound awesome – love chocolate + strawberry together!

  10. Chocolate and strawberry is the best combination! These cookies are so beautiful Shashi! The strawberries on top look amazing! I love that they’re gluten free too 🙂 pinned!

  11. Oh my goodness, Shashi – what a beautiful idea! These dried strawberries look like crashed rose petals; so lovely. Since I’m on a diet, please send me a box of them (you now the calories from edible presents don’t count). Just kid. I’m not on a diet. So send me 2 boxes please:)

    1. OMEEEGAWSH – Lorraine, I cannot wait for someone to invent an alarm clock that uses the smell of coffee as a wake-up call! Wow! Fantastic Idea – You should copyright that idea! 🙂

  12. I can’t live without coffee, but if I had these for breakfast I can at least wait till 10 am for my first one 🙂 These cookies look awesome!

  13. Even more reason for me to buy some sorghum flour!! which I was just about to buy at the store!!! Dude, these cookies look amazing! Your photos are gorgeous!!!! and sadly, I cannot part with my coffee. . even when I have a smoothie in the morning, I have my coffee first .. can’t give it up! 🙂

  14. Oh no no no….I would not substitute at all. Love my filter coffee too much. I am so done with all the research..:).
    What I would love, are these cookies with my coffee. I know these will be great, so full of nutrients and love sorghum. I’ve never baked with it though..
    I had such a great laugh Sashi..thanks to you.

  15. Real talk, who can wait till 10 am for their morning cup of coffee?? That guide sounds like nonsense, no offense to the person who wrote it. 😉 Now cookies first thing in the morning sounds wonderful! But, I still want my coffee, dang it! Maybe if you fed me a dozen of these I could wait. Love these cookies, Shashi! I have a bunch of freeze dried strawberries and they need a home other than my pantry.. in these cookies sounds perfect! So festive and seriously delicious! Cheers, my dear! Xo

  16. I also used to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. My parents couldn’t start the day without it. Cookies for breakfast is a wonderful idea xx

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