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Easy Mocha Almond Bites

These Mocha almond bites are my afternoon slump-slayer! Coffee, chocolate and almond butter unite harmoniously in these gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free no-bake bites.

Gluten-Free Mocha Almond Bites

Since I entered this blogging world, I seem to always be stumbling on opportunities to learn. Whether it be techy stuff to do with blogging or fun and informative facts shared by my fellow bloggers, everyday seems to present me with something I didn’t know before.

Either that or I just have a grody memory and things keep falling out of my brain so quickly that the next time I stumble on the same thing – it’s all brand new to me… at least, that’s my daughter’s synopsis… 

Getting back to those new tidbits of information – most days, those new tidbits have me thrilled that am learning something new. But then, there are those rare handful of days when I wish that I could unlearn what I learned! Un-see the letters jumping off the screen …but, alas…it’s those things that I wish I could unlearn or forget, that get seared on my brain – and don’t seem to want to fall out of it! Funny how that happens huh?

Gluten-Free Mocha Almond Bites

Yesterday fell into that latter category. Yesterday I learned something I wish I could have unlearned!

And, unfortunately, it has to do with my favorite pick me up, my favorite afternoon slump-slayer: coffee!

There have been times when I’ve read with disdain news tidbits that touted how horrible coffee was to our bodies. And, there have been those times I have rejoiced in reading those news tidbits that sang it’s praises. But, yesterday I was speechless when I stumbled on an article on the most expensive coffee.

Priced at around $600 a pound, this smooth, chocolatey coffee is supposed to get it’s unique aroma and taste from its trip through the digestive tract of the Luwak (a Sumatran wild cat). Say whaaaaaaat?!?!

Gluten-Free Mocha Almond Bites

Well, y’all will be relieved to know that I didn’t splurge on that $600 per pound coffee to make these Mocha Almond Bites.

These bites don’t need an oven, nor do they involve any refined sugar or gluten or even dairy for that matter. Yet, these simple bites taste so decadently delicious – during this time of year when things are getting hectic, having a couple of these handy will (hopefully) help fuel you on!

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This recipe first appeared on FoodFanatic – for more recipes and inspiration, please make sure to check out FoodFanatic!


Gluten-Free Mocha Almond Bites
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