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Spiced Lime Shrimp And Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

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I’ve partnered with Honest Cooking and Cavit to bring y’all this meal of Spiced Lime Shrimp And Turmeric Cauliflower Rice. All opinions here are mine alone.
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Spiced Lime Shrimp And Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

The month of May has been a hectic one over here in our home and I’ve been skimping on sleep to make sure everything gets done. Yes, I know, it’s not the smartest choice. Especially since these days I find myself yearning for it like I used to yearn for chocolate. Who am I right?!

The other day when I was driving around, I turned on a talk radio station as, sometimes, listening to voices (on the radio) keep me more alert than music does. And, I heard two radio personalities going on about their preferences when it came to working out. One of them was talking about some sort of 21-day plan where they got workouts and meal plans emailed to them for every one of the 21 days. And the other one got excited about a new exercise fad taking the UK by storm called Napercise!

Spiced Lime Shrimp With Cavit Pinot Grigio
Turmeric Cauliflower Rice With Peas

Of course I had to skip my nap when I got home and Google it – and y’all – it’s a real thing! Apparently, a certain premier workout space in the UK offers participants a 1 hour Napercise class in which they stretch for 15 minutes and nap for 45 minutes. Did y’all know about this?

During these days of large-batch breakfast bars and quickie dinners like this Spiced Lime Shrimp And Turmeric Cauliflower Rice, I gotta admit, if Napercise happened here in Atlanta – I just might have to check it out… for research purposes, of course!

Cavit Pinot Grigio

Speaking of this meal of Spiced Lime Shrimp And Turmeric Cauliflower Rice, this meal comes together super quick – within 15 to 20 minutes, with prep!
I prepped the curry base of coconut milk, turmeric, coriander, cumin, and smoked paprika before dropping in the shrimp and letting it cook for about 4-5 minutes and finishing it off with lime juice. As I had picked up some packages of already “riced” cauliflower from the grocery store, I simply sauteed the cauliflower rice with some onion, garlic, turmeric, mustard seeds and peas for about 8 minutes. This Spiced Lime Shrimp And Turmeric Cauliflower Rice pair so well with a chilled glass of Cavit Pinot Grigio.

Creamy Spiced Lime Shrimp Cauliflower Rice
Spiced Lime Shrimp Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

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Hailing from northern Italy, Cavit wines are crafted with quality, honoring their region. Cavit first introduced Pinot Grigio into the United States back in 1977 and is introducing National Pinot Grigio Day to be every Friday before Memorial Day, with the first National Pinot Grigio Day being the 26th of May, 2017.

To find out more about Cavit Wines, pairings, recipes or National Pinot Grigio Day, check them out here, and on: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Spiced Lime Shrimp With Cavit Pinot Grigio

Spiced Lime Shrimp & Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4
Author: Shashi


Spiced Lime Shrimp

  • 1 lb large frozen deveined and peeled shrimp (with tail on)
  • 2 tspns lime juice
  • 2 tspns smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp coriander
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk I used full fat
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

  • 8 cups cauliflower rice in packages in vegetable section
  • 4 cloves garlic chopped
  • 1 yellow onion chopped
  • 1/2 cup green peas
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 2 tspns mustard seeds
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cilantro for garnish
  • olive oil


Spiced Lime Shrimp

  • Thaw frozen shrimp by running under cold water for 5 minutes or so and set aside.
  • Add olive oil to a pan over medium heat.
  • Add coconut milk, smoked paprika, cumin, coriander, turmeric and salt and pepper to the pan.
  • Add the large shrimp into pan and also add the lime juice
  • Garnish with cilantro and enjoy.

Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

  • Add olive oil to a pan and then add in the onion and saute
  • Add in the garlic and mustard seeds.
  • When the mustard seeds start to pop/dance around a bit, add in the cauliflower rice, turmeric, and green peas
  • Season with salt and pepper and enjoy with Spiced Lime Shrimp.
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Spiced Lime Shrimp And Turmeric Cauliflower Rice With Cavit Pinot Grigio

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  3. Loving this recipe. The turmeric in the cauliflower gives it a more appetizing look and love the addition of coconut milk in the shrimps. Napercise – I am waiting for you to come Toronto!! 🙂

  4. GiGi Eats says:

    THANKS for making me SO STINKIN’ HUNGRY that I cannot even see straight. I am shocked this message is actually coherent!

  5. Looks fabulous my friend! I had heard about that Napercise class and I hope it comes to NH too! I’ll need to do a little research here as well! This flavorful shrimp looks amazing my friend, and a great pairing with the Cavit Pinot Grigio! As an FYI – at this point, house sale still going through,but still waiting on appraisal – in the throes of home inspection for the new house. Neither is a done deal yet, but I’m trusting as I pack! XOXO

  6. Yummy this spiced shrimp dish looks fabulous! I love finding new ways to eat shrimp! I’ve never heard of napisize. Too funny! That wine pairing looks fabulous too! A must try.

  7. Julie says:

    Those spiced shrimp look beauuutiful! I never make shrimp since my husband is allergic, but now I have a huge craving. What a perfect low carb dinner.

  8. This is our kinda meal! Warming turmeric and spices along with low carb side so you don’t feel as guilty having a glass or 2 of wine with it.

  9. This looks amazing and I completely drooling over this! I must try this ASAP! Thank you for sharing! Luci’s Morsels | fashion. food. frivolity.

  10. I love a super quick meal to come together. I love even more a curry with a coconut base, simply delicious.

  11. Oh yeah, I heard about the Napercise too! How weirdly fun is that???? And I only just found out about cauliflower rice that you can buy from the store! Whaaat!!! When I pick up a bag, I’m making these babies!

  12. I love how quick this recipe comes together! And it looks so flavorful, too. Perfect for these busy summer nights when dinnertime just sneaks up on you out of nowhere. Now let’s talk about this napercise thing. What a hilarious idea! I usually get up and do my workouts in the morning. But this morning just wasn’t happening. Laura was out of town all weekend, and she got in late last night so I just decided to skip it and push the workouts back a day this week. But now that I’ve heard of napercise, I’m thinking I actually DID do my workout this morning. Haha! Also, we love that Cavit pinot around here, too. This is a great combo for dinner!

  13. Turmeric and pinot grigio? That’s a very interesting and fun pairing! Those shrimps look very tender and succulent!