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Chicken Keema Samosas

Chicken Keema, or Spiced Ground Chicken, is enveloped in a crescent roll “crust” to make these delicious, easy and healthier Chicken Keema Samosas!

Chicken Keema Samosas

I am sure at some point in our lives, we have all been advocates of the 30-second rule when food hit the floor. Or, maybe, in your case it was the 60-second rule? Or the 3-minute rule? Either way, I am not here to judge – but I do have a story for y’all.

Back during my middle school years, my classmates and I would frequent our school café during lunch time. Now, this was different to the lunch room, as in here you got to purchase several Indian snack foods for just a few Dirhams (I spent my middle school years at an Indian School in Abu Dhabi – hence the currency).

Chicken Keema Samosas

Well, this café had some of the very best samosas we had ever eaten. They were so good that if you didn’t pick up a morsel in 30 seconds – someone else would! They were so good that once when a friend found a cockroach in her samosa, instead of throwing the whole thing out, she ate around it! No lie! These samosas were legendary – and are the highlight of the menu at almost every reunion party!

Chicken Keema Samosas

Now, these samosas are a far cry from those samosas. These are made with a version of that chicken keema I shared not too long ago. And, instead of being fried, these samosas are baked.

I experimented with a phyllo crust, and while the flaky phyllo was a textural delight to the chicken keema, it wasn’t exactly as thick as I wanted the crust to be. So, I opted to use some gluten-free crescent rolls I stumbled on – and they were the perfect balance of crust to filling.


It was a bit tricky figuring out the best folding option, and the end result doesn’t look as appealing as the phyllo samosas were, but, y’all, these tasted so good – y’all would just have to try them to believe me. So prep a tall jar of cold lemonade and get to baking!

BTW – Happy Monday Y’all!

This recipe first appeared on Food Fanatic – for more recipe ideas and inspiration, please make sure to check out Food Fanatic!

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Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

Sunday 8th of May 2016

OMG I don't think there's any food I would eat around a cockroach for. Blergh!!!!

Kevin | Keviniscooking

Saturday 7th of May 2016

I wish I had samosas in my class cafeteria, but then again I was not in Abu Dhabi! While I do prefer mine without cockroaches, like your friend, I would have left it all. BUT not these! Super flakey looking and filled with this spice-tastic chicken. YUM.

Kiran @

Friday 6th of May 2016

These keema samosa's looks divine. The roach rule? "shudders" :D