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Lunch pairings with Campbell’s Well Yes Soup

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“Fiddlesticks” is the word that popped into my head when I first heard that Andy Warhol had the same (Campbell’s soup) lunch every day for 20 years! Then, this past Saturday morning I ran into an end-cap filled with the new Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soups at Walmart, and instantly understood Warhol’s soup-love. #WellYesMoment

Five fun lunch pairings with Campbell's Well Yes!™ #WellYesMoment
Five fun lunch pairings with Campbell's Well Yes!™ #WellYesMoment
Five fun lunch pairings with Campbell's Well Yes!™ #WellYesMoment

The brand new Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup comes in 9 delicious, hard-to-walk-by, varieties such as:
• Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice Soup
Contains corn, carrots and sweet potatoes; chicken meat has no antibiotics; no preservatives
• Chicken Noodle Soup
Contains egg noodles with quinoa flour & white beans; chicken meat with no added antibiotics, no preservatives
• Tomato Carrot Bisque
Contains a touch of cream; vegetarian (2 cups vegetables)
• Minestrone with Kale
Contains Ditalina pasta & chickpeas; 2/3 cup veggies; no preservatives
• Black Bean with Red Quinoa
Contains tomatoes, corn & red peppers; 3/4 cup veggies, no preservatives
• Hearty Tomato with Roasted Barley
Contains red peppers & garlic; 3/4 cup veggies, no preservatives
• Italian Vegetable with Farro
Contains beans, zucchini & fennel; 1/2 cup veggies; vegan; no preservatives
• Hearty Lentil with Vegetable
Contains chickpeas & roasted garlic; 3/4 cup veggies; no preservatives
• Sweet Potato Corn Chowder
Contains red peppers & wild rice; vegetarian (2/3 cup veggies); no preservatives

Real nutritious ingredients go into each non-BPA lined can of Campbell’s Well Yes!™ soup. And, with no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients – Campbell’s Well Yes!™ soups make for some delicious lunchtime pairings!

Five fun lunch pairings with Campbell's Well Yes!™ #WellYesMoment

And lunchtime is where I need help!

You see, I make soup and stew often, however, my daughter and I usually enjoy those soups and stews for dinner. When it comes to lunch, I’m a less motivated mess. Every year I try my darndest to snack less and attempt a light lunch instead as a light lunch just works better for me. Every year so far, I fail miserably. But, hope is a beautiful thing – and am hoping that fun pairings of Campbell’s Well Yes!™ soups will keep me on track this year – especially during these next 4 months as I juggle web design classes and running this little blog of mine.

Campbell's Well Yes!™ #WellYesMoment

Five fun pairings
that get me motivated to enjoy lunch are…

Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup and

• Peppered Kale & Raisin Sauteed Salad (simple salad with walnuts, raisins, bell pepper, kale, onions, lime, ginger and garlic)

• Almond Oil Grilled Cheese (Grilled cheese made with almond oil instead of butter)

• Crackers (like these Buckwheat Beet and Flaxseed ones)

• Croquettes (perfect side of crunch)

• Cookies (like these Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies)

Almond Oil Grilled Cheese with Campbell's Well Yes!™ #WellYesMoment
Peppered Kale Raisin Sauteed Salad with Campbell's Well Yes!™ #WellYesMoment

So tell me,
  What would you pair up Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup with?
  Have you tried Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup yet?

Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup is only $1.98 a can! With two servings per can, that’s less than a buck per serving!

There will also be a coupon available in Sunday papers on 2/12 & 3/12 and in store demos at Walmart 2/16- 2/19.

Wanna find out more about Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup?
Then make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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