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32 Sweet and Savory Halloween Treats & Drinks

A delicious collection of 32 Sweet and Savory Halloween Treats & Drinks that are sure to ghoulishly tantalize your senses! Whip up one or all of your favorites for your Halloween Partay!

When my daughter was a into trick or treating, we lived in a neighborhood that rocked out at Halloween. From spooky self-opening entry ways to haunted houses in front yards to Halloween buffets for parents, my daughter and I were spoiled!

Now that my daughter is in college, we are more into whipping up a spooky savory snack, a devilish dessert and a haunting Halloween drink, while we get our fill of Huluween movies!

32 Sweet and Savory Halloween Treats

So, with that in mind, I have a list of 32 Sweet and Savory Halloween Treats & Drinks ~ yes, it’s an odd number – but Halloween is all about odd ghouls and goblins, right?

This list has everything from appetizers like dips and finger bread-sticks to mains like chorizo pies to desserts like that stunning showstopper of a bloody cake to drinks like ghoulish and spooky, Midnight Fog!

But you don’t want to read my yammerings…

So, without much more yammering on, get ready to feast your eyes on:

Overhead view of bowl of Roasted Red Pepper & Red Wine Dip and Whole Wheat Finger Breadsticks scattered around
Cheesy Finger Bread-sticks & Roasted Red Pepper Red Wine Dip (21+)
These chunky cheesy Finger Bread-sticks make for some fun conversations at Halloween or any other party/get together, especially when they are served with this roasted red pepper and red wine dip – yes, there's red wine in that dip!
Check out this recipe
Buffalo Meatball Pumpkins
These Buffalo Meatball Pumpkins are so unique, I wanna make them for every potluck this holiday season!
Check out this recipe
Easy Halloween Party Recipe – Jalapeño Mummies
These Halloween Jalapeño Mummies are a spooktacular treat for your Halloween get-together!
Check out this recipe
Easy Cheesy Pumpkin Cracker Appetizers
These Easy Cheesy Pumpkin Cracker Appetizers are not only super simple to make, they also happen to be simply delicious and better for me as well!
Check out this recipe
Spooky Halloween Mummy Chicken Fries
These make for quite the ghoulish Halloween appetizer for kids and adults!
Check out this recipe
Deviled Egg Bloody Eyeballs - Deviled eggs loose the mayo and gain a bit of healthy in these bloody beety eyeballs!
Deviled Egg Bloody Eyeballs
These Deviled Egg Bloody Eyeballs are naturally colored and made with only a handful of ingredients – and these sure would make one bloody awesome Halloween appetizer
Check out this recipe
Mummy Pumpkin Hand Pies
Delicious hand pies with a ghoulish twist!
Check out this recipe
Spooky Chorizo Hand Pies
These delightfully ghoulish pies make for a scrumptious savory snack for your Halloween party!
Check out this recipe
Carrot Ginger Quinoa Pepper Jacks
delicious quinoa served up in pepper jack o lanterns!
Check out this recipe
Bloody Feetloaf (aka Halloween Meatloaf)
This is one heck of a creepy meatloaf – perfect for a Halloween Dinner Party!
Check out this recipe
Photo of jar with Pumpkin Chili Sauce
Pumpkin Chili Sauce • Pumpkin Chili Chicken • Potato Hatch Chili Phyllo Shells
This spicy and sweet pumpkin chili sauce is a spunky accompaniment for game day eats. Slather it on chicken for some tasty Pumpkin Chili Chicken or dollop it onto potato and hatch chili Phyllo Shells for a delicious game day appetizer that is sure to be a crowd favorite!
Check out this recipe
Mummy Cookies Recipe
What a spooctacular treat!
Check out this recipe
Bloody White Cake with Raspberry Jam
Such a stunningly creepy show stopper!
Check out this recipe
Spider Web Halloween Crackers
So super easy and tasty!
Check out this recipe
Halloween Bloody Beet Bowls
Bloody Beet Bowls
Creepy… gory… deliciousness!
Check out this recipe
Halloween Mini Cheesecakes #SundaySupper
So easy and so dang adorable!
Check out this recipe
How to Make Maple Candied Apples (Without Corn Syrup or Food Dye)
An easy alternative take on candied apples!
Check out this recipe
Halloween Funfetti Cookies
The funnest festive cookies!
Check out this recipe
Easy Halloween Black Forest Trifle Dessert Recipe
How terrifyingly terrific is this trifle!
Check out this recipe
Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies!
So Ghoulishly Good!
Check out this recipe
Halloween Donuts {pumpkin chocolate}
I could do some serious damage to this stack!
Check out this recipe
Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies – The Suburban Soapbox
"Scare up something sweet with this easy Halloween treat!"
Check out this recipe
Black Velvet Cookies ‘n Cream Cheesecake Cake
How gloriously ghoulish is this slice!
Check out this recipe
Halloween Puppy Chow
A crunchy and super addicting Halloween treat!
Check out this recipe
Monster Mash Halloween Cheesecake Bars
These Monster Mash Halloween Cheesecake Bars are perfect for the party with their whimsical colors and decorations.
Check out this recipe
Jack Skellington Pie for Halloween | Cherry Balsamic Pie
This sweet and syrupy cherry balsamic pie has my tastebuds tickled with anticipation!
Check out this recipe
Pumpkin Spice Pecan Toffee
Pumpkin spice, chocolate, and crunchy nuts unite in this ghoulish treat!
Check out this recipe
Kombucha Halloween Punch!
What a petrifying (nonetheless tasty) punch!
Check out this recipe
Black Magic Halloween Sangria
A fun and spooky drink!
Check out this recipe
Midnight Fog, a Halloween Cocktail Recipe
This haunting libation is a feast for the senses
Check out this recipe

Whether you are out trick-or-treating with your kiddos or hanging out enjoying one or all of these 32 savory and sweet Halloween Treats, I hope October 31st is a safe and fun time for you and yours!

Thank you so much to all my fellow bloggers who joined in and contributed to this list – if you are looking for no-bake Halloween treats, check out this link!

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  2. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    Oh Shashi! What a yummy collection! We plan on having a little get together for Halloween and all I have to do is refer to this! So many delicious eats that covers pretty much everything! Thanks a bunch for including my donuts – my appreciated 🙂 XOXO

  3. Heather | All Roads Lead to the Kitchen says:

    Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit down to a buffet with all of these horrifyingly amazing options! Such a fun roundup, everything looks so creepy. Thank you for including one of my mine :).