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Honeydew Melon Smoothie

A refreshing honeydew melon smoothie with a smidge of matcha, cinnamon and lime to jazz up it’s natural flavor!

Two glasses of Refreshing Honeydew Melon Smoothie

On a hot summer day there’s something so refreshing about biting into a big ol’ chunk of juicy melon, don’t you think?

And, seeing we are on the subject of chunks of juicy melons, what’s your favorite? Do you gravitate towards watermelons? Or, cantaloupe? Or, maybe Crenshaw melons?

My favorite lately (yes, I know you are waiting on the edge of your seat-right?!), has been the smooth skinned honeydew melon. Once regarded sacred by ancient Egyptians and reserved for society’s elite back in the day, this melon can be found just about everywhere today. In my opinion, ripe honeydew seems to be sweeter, fleshier, and tastier than some of its counterparts. But, when it comes to picking the perfectly ripe honeydew, I am totally clueless. Totally.

Honeydew Melon photo

Now, I have come to learn that honeydews can ripen even on your kitchen counter. But, that’s a mute point once that honeydew is cut into. And that’s where I find myself often – in my kitchen with a cut up honeydew, hoping to chomp into a big ‘ol ripe and juicy chunk, only to bite into a crisp and not so juicy one instead.

Most times when I find myself at this point, I usually throw those honeydew chunks in a blender with a bit of maple syrup, lime juice (if I have it), and some sort of milk. Most times, the resulting smoothie is a better option than the unripe chunks of honeydew. However, recently I finally went grocery shopping and had a few more add-ins on hand.

Photo of Honeydew Melon Smoothie Ingredients

So, when I found myself in my kitchen with yet another unripe honeydew, I skinned it and added the crisp flesh into a blender with some coconut milk, cinnamon, matcha, lime and a squirt of maple syrup. When I think of the resulting smoothie, the only word that comes to mind is joy! My daughter had to outdo me and described this smoothie as blissful joy – but, you get the gist, right?

Close up of Honeydew Matcha Smoothie

I went back to the grocery store and managed to finally pick a ripe honeydew using this guide, and figured I’d try recreating that Honeydew Melon Smoothie with matcha and cinnamon. And WOA – that ripe honeydew in this smoothie sure made this a must share on here. Now, I didn’t use any maple syrup this time around because the ripe honeydew was so sweet it didn’t need any other sweetener. I also topped that thick honeydew melon smoothie with chunks of cut up honeydew and my daughter and I ended up enjoying this for dessert one afternoon.

If you’d like, you can add in a couple tablespoons of chia seeds to this smoothie and set it aside for a few hours and enjoy a Honeydew Melon Chia Pudding later! So many options with this one!

Here’s hoping this week has been wonderful for ya and your weekend is even more bettah!

Photo of Easy Honeydew Melon Smoothie

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Photo of Easy Honeydew Melon Smoothie

Honeydew Melon Smoothie

Yield: 2 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

A refreshing honeydew melon smoothie with a smidge of matcha, cinnamon and lime to jazz up it’s natural flavor!


  • 2+1/2 cups honeydew melon, chopped up
  • 1 cup lite coconut milk, (or milk of your choice)
  • 1/8 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp matcha
  • 1/4 tsp each lime zest and lime juice


  1. Add 2 cups honeydew melon to a blender along with the coconut milk, cinnamon, matcha and lime juice and zest.
  2. Blend until all the ingredients are well incorporated.
  3. Pour into serving glasses. Cut up the other 1/2 cup of honeydew into very small pieces and top the honeydew melon smoothie with the chunks of honeydew. Garnish with lime zest if desired and enjoy!


*Nutritional info is per very well fit. Please make sure to check for yourself the accuracy of quantities and nutrition listed.

Nutrition Information
Yield 2
Amount Per Serving Calories 105Saturated Fat 2.4gTrans Fat 2.8gCarbohydrates 20.5gFiber 2.3gSugar 17.7gProtein 1.9g

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Easy Refreshing Honeydew Melon Smoothie

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Friday 7th of May 2021

Delicious recipe, I got a honeydew melon as part of my weekly veg box, and wasn't sure what to do with it... 2 smoothies later, I knew! I did add some crushed nuts for proteins and a bit of a thicker texture. thank you!

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Saturday 11th of July 2020

This smoothie is bomb!!! I am in LOVE! I had a cut up honeydew in my frig, and sure I enjoy eating it just like that on a hot refreshing. But I felt like doing something different and healthy with it so I searched for honeydew recipes and found this one. I had everything on hand, which for me is key to actually trying it. If I had to go to the store to get ingredients, I probably never would have tried it. It is so simple and quick to make, but I never would have thought to put these ingredients together. The proportions are just right - its a perfect meld of flavors creating a unique taste all its own. Each one of the ingredients has many health benefits and there is no added sugar. I was surprised that this was not a "healthy/paleo/vegetarian" recipe site. Delicious and healthy - that is always a bonus!


Wednesday 9th of January 2019

Made the smoothie with the exact recipe and all but so sorry it taste aweful

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