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Mystery Ingredient Pudding…One of Life’s Mysteries…


You know, this life is filled with little mysteries…

Last night the sky over my neck of the woods was filled with all shades of red and orange and blue mingled in to each other. It got me thinking of those times when my dad would see a red sky at night or in the morning; he would smile and say “a red sky in the night is a sailors’ delight” or “a red sky in the morning is a sailors warning“. Now he didn’t say it every time the sky was red, but those times he did, it was always a mystery to me how he was better at predicting the weather than the weather men on the weather channel were…

chocolate pudding

From the time my daughter could differentiate her colors, we have played this game where, when we roll up at a traffic light, we wave our fingers at the red light and will it to change; while taking turns to yell out “green”! It has mystified me beyond comprehension how -to this day- she manages to always trump me at “willing” that light to turn green!

Yup – such our life’s mysteries…

gluten and dairy free chocolate pudding

Another mystery I cannot help thinking out loud about is: why is yawning so contagious? One of my co-workers yawns out loud and his yawn spreads like wildfire – before you know it, people 20 feet away from us are yawning too!

Wait – does speaking or reading of yawning make you want to yawn too? 

chocolate pudding dairy free gluten free

Since we are on the topic of mysteries, I figure it would be only fitting for me to leave y’all with a Mystery Ingredient Pudding – to help curb the yawning and all !

In our home we eat dessert – because life is too short not to! Most times I try to keep it on the healthy side – and this pudding is no exception. In addition to the Mystery Ingredient, this pudding also has cocoa, honey, cinnamon, salt, vanilla and almond milk – no added refined sugar or butter was involved.

Just for fun, do you wanna try and guess the Mystery Ingredient that gives this pudding it’s consistency?

If you look real close, you might just get it!

I will be revealing the Mystery Ingredient on Monday as tomorrow I will be at my very first Food Blogger Conference – TECHmunch in Atlanta!

a bite of chocolate pudding

I want to thank Amanda @ Running With Spoons for letting me ramble on about life’s mysteries.


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Saturday 4th of October 2014

What will it be? Que the music! Hah. It looks delish whatever it is! I eat dessert first when I go out to eat, the boyfriend doesn't mind but it embarassed my brother. I'm stopping by from SITS. Happy Saturday!


Saturday 27th of September 2014

haha oh man, yup I definitely just yawned. And then yawned again while typing this out!

Hmmm my first thought was avocado but I'm going to go with either chia seeds or some sort of bean ... maybe chickpeas??

Helen @ Scrummy Lane

Saturday 27th of September 2014

Oooh, no idea, Shashi! OK, I'm going to have a guess anyway ... cashew nuts?? I agree that life is too short not to have dessert ... but it helps if it's on the healthier side!

Coffee and Crumpets

Friday 26th of September 2014

I just yawned, and yawned agsin writing that I yawned... Dammit... It's a vicious cycle. So, avocado? Chia?

Bam's Kitchen

Friday 26th of September 2014

Looks so creamy and delicious. I am certain your secret ingredient has to be healthy. Have a super time at your first blogger conference.