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16 Delicious Naturally Green Recipes for St Patrick’s Day

From green smoothies to green doughnuts to green cakes, this is a list of 16 Delicious Naturally Green Recipes for St Patrick’s Day that I hope you and your family can enjoy!

16 Delicious Naturally Green Recipes for St Patrick’s Day

It has been one year since I published this post. And, one year since a new normal began for all of us. Today, while we are still social distancing and following CDC guidelines, there is hope on the horizon in the form of a vaccine.

And, while it might be a while before everyone gets it, at least now we can ponder on all the places we will travel to and restaurants we will try out ~ kind of like we ponder on what we would do if we won the lottery! 🙂

In an attempt to “flatten the curve” when it comes to this virus, large group gatherings were moved online. Everything from church services to concerts adapted to a virtual environment. Speaking of virtual concerts, if y’all love deep, soulful music, then y’all might want to check out the upcoming virtual concerts by Michael Malarky – a singer, songwriter, who became a household name when he played Enzo in The Vampire Diaries.

Last year, events, such as St. Patrick’s Day parades, however, were canceled altogether.

From Dublin to New York to Savannah, cities put a kibosh on previously planned St Patrick’s Day festivities and activities. And, not much has changed this St. Patrick’s Day.

With that said, if all this social distancing has thwarted your plans of heading out and grabbing a shamrock shake and a green cupcake while catching the parade, a few of my fellow bloggers and I have you covered! Well, at least the food and drink part but not the parade part in this list of 15 Delicious Green Breakfasts and Desserts for St Patrick’s Day.

16 Delicious Naturally Green Recipes for St Patrick’s Day

Breakfast and dessert are my two favorite meals of the day so I figured I would compile a list of tasty treats that you can start your day off with and end your day with. And most of these lean towards being healthy-ish.

spoonful of thick and creamy avocado pudding

St. Patricks’s Day Interesting tidbit:

On a side note – did you know that the original color of St. Patrick’s Day was blue and not green? According to this article, green replaced blue because of Ireland’s nickname “The Emerald Isle,” the green in the Irish flag, and the shamrock/clover!

On this list you will find delicious and energizing green smoothies, healthy shamrock shakes, savory kale egg bakes, refined sugar-free green smoothie pancakes, matcha banana lemon donuts, green bagels, green cupcakes, and heck – even a green cake!

Gluten-Free Avocado Cupcakes
Avocado Cupcakes with Whipped Avocado Cream
These gluten free, butter-free avocado cupcakes are super easy to whip up and are delicious as a dessert and healthy enough for breakfast!
Check out this recipe
Two glass bowls with Easy Tasty dairy free avocado chia pudding
Avocado Chia Pudding
So delightfully creamy, this gluten-free, dairy-free, Avocado Chia Pudding is made with almond milk, avocado, chia seeds, and a splash of vanilla extract, almond extract, and lemon. It is perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast, snack, or dessert. Quick, delicious, and healthy!
Check out this recipe
Banana Matcha Oatmeal Pancakes
Banana Matcha Oatmeal Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream Bananas
Check out this recipe
Easy Potatp Bacon Salad with avocado dressing
Potato Bacon Avocado Salad
This delightful Potato Bacon Salad is picnic-friendly and with an avocado “dressing,” it also happens to be dairy free – perfect if you are looking for a delicious and dairy-free potato bacon salad to share with family and friends.
Check out this recipe
Spinach & Banana Protein Pancakes
Spinach & Banana Protein Pancakes
Protein packed, gluten free, spinach and banana pancakes – like a smoothie in pancake form!
Check out this recipe
A bottle and a glass cup of Easy plant-based - clean keto Pistachio milk
Pistachio Milk
Creamy and rich, this plant-based pistachio milk requires 2 main ingredients and 3 steps: soak pistachios, blend them with water, and strain. You can add in some flavorings and a sweetener and enjoy it in your morning coffee, with your favorite cereal, or as a warm or chilled nightcap at the end of a long day.
Check out this recipe
Moong Bean Shake
Moong Bean Shake
Check out this recipe
MorningStar Burger With Green Goddess Sauce.
Spicy Green Goddess Sauce
This summer, add a tasty and spicy spin to your backyard burger bar with this nutritious and tasty, Spicy Green Goddess Sauce ~ it is delicious slathered on burgers as well as a dipping sauce for fries.
Check out this recipe
delicious creamed spinach curry sauce with crispy tofu
Spinach Curry Sauce with Crispy Tofu
Simply scrumptious, this spinach sauce is creamy and flavorful with a handful of healthy ingredients. It is delicious to slurp on as is, or with some of your favorite sauteed meat or well spiced crispy tofu.
Check out this recipe
Easy spinach juice with pineapple and ginger
Easy Pineapple Spinach Smoothie
Made with only 5 ingredients, this dairy-free Pineapple Spinach Smoothie is a refreshing and satisfying pick-me-up that is so easy to make to enjoy at any time of the day.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of warm Vegetarian broccoli spinach soup.
Easy Broccoli and Spinach Soup
This Easy Broccoli and Spinach Soup is a healthy soup recipe that is loaded with flavor. It is made with only 10 ingredients, including frozen broccoli and frozen spinach. And, it can be made in 20 minutes. With only 242 calories, this is a soup that can be paired with thick slices of crusty bread for a delicious and comforting meal.
Check out this recipe
Green Smoothie Cupcakes Coconut Vanilla Frosting #PurelySimple
Green Smoothie Cupcakes
Now you can have your Green Smoothie and your cupcake at the same time – with these Green Smoothie Cupcakes! And, check out that Vanilla-Coconut Frosting – it sure does balance off these cupcakes well!
Check out this recipe
Green Smoothie Oatmeal Pancake Stack
Oatmeal Green Smoothie Pancakes
Uniting my bowl of oats and my green smoothie, these Oatmeal Green Smoothie Pancakes are refined sugar free and gluten free. Brew up a large pot of coffee, gather and linger with friends and family over a tasty breakfast or brunch of these Oatmeal Green Smoothie Pancakes.
Get Recipe
Matcha & Banana Protein Crepes
Matcha & Banana Protein Crepes
You know you want these delicious, gluten free, Matcha & Banana Protein Crepes for breakfast tomorrow – psst, they are super easy to pull together!
Get Recipe
Photo with two glass pots of avocado pudding with spoons
Avocado Pudding
This 4 ingredient avocado pudding is so luxuriously creamy – it makes a delicious and healthier summer treat and can be customized to fit into even a keto diet.
Get Recipe
Matcha Banana Donuts With Matcha Lemon Glaze
Matcha Banana Donuts With Matcha Lemon Glaze
These gluten free Matcha Banana Donuts With Matcha Lemon Glaze are the perfect treat for breakfast – or late night snack!
Get Recipe

I’m hoping you and your loved ones get the chance to prepare one or more of the green treats on this list either on St Patty’s Day or this weekend.

The beauty of these treats is that you don’t have to save them for St Patrick’s Day only.

You can whip them up anytime you feel the need for a tasty boost of greens!

Until next time, I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and are covered by God’s protection and provision during these times.

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  1. So many delicious options here for St. Patrick’s Day, Shashi! I can’t believe it’s next week! I’ve gotta try those smoothie pancakes! I know hubby and I would love 🙂 Thanks a bunch for including my smoothie! XO

  2. The Fajita marinade sounds really good. The colorful final output is very catchy and I hope I’ll get the same taste when I try it myself. My family enjoys anything Mexican and I’m sure they will definitely love this too.

  3. Ah, what a great collection of festive recipes, Shashi! (And interesting tidbit about the original blue color…I had no idea!) This reminds me that I need to go put on a green shirt now…I can’t risk getting pinched by Laura today! 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friend!

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